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7th Floor, Sky Road, 5th Street, 54658

Phone: 1 202 656 6565

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The platform

Pilates creates long-lasting, deep results through lengthening, strengthening and toning the whole body. Each session works to serve the mind and body by helping you feel stronger, happier and healthier.
This platform will have an on demand video library where you can choose videos to tone and lengthen your body. Whether you have 5 to 45 min to dedicate that day, there is a video for you! New videos every week will be uploaded on the platform to help you stay consistent and focussed.
Pilates digital is exactly like having your own personal trainer when you want!

$11.99 a month / 7 days free trial

This includes
  1. on-demand video library
  2. new videos weekly
  3. one live class per week

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